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January 8th, 2008

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09:05 am - Fic: Musk and Roses, Harry/Tonks, NC-17
Title: Musk and Roses
Author: melusinahp
Pairing(s): Harry/Tonks
Summary: Harry's teenage crush on Tonks develops into something he'll remember for the rest of his life.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Harry is 15
Author's notes: Much love to my betas, selinakyle47 and wednesdayjones. Written for twilightsorcery for smutty_claus.

The garden behind number twelve Grimmauld Place was so tangled and overgrown that one virtually took one's life in one's hands just entering it. The threat became more literal as one plumbed its depths, risking strangulation by devil's snare or gouging by the fanged geraniums. After one morning spent hacking through vines and branches, trying to tame the wild and, more often than not, dangerous magical plants into some kind of submission, Harry and Ron both developed bulbous purple spots over three quarters of their bodies. Hermione quickly found the plant that gave the juice used as an antidote, but the hours between infection and cure were less than pleasant.

Eventually, with the help of the twins – who were fearless in the face of flora – and Tonks – who was lightening quick with her wand when attacked by hostile roots or tendrils – they cleared the space enough to make it habitable. There were even some bits that Harry rather liked; the daffodils had a tendency to burst into song and the gnarled, black branched apple trees along the edges gave fruit so delicious that Hermione forbade him and Ron from eating more than one apple a day just in case they were jinxed.

Time passed, and eventually the garden was no longer a problem. As far as Harry was concerned, it was Tonks who was the problem.

Tonks was driving Harry crazy. One too many afternoons had been spent at her side amongst the wild tangles of leaves and flowers, watching the way her tongue would poke out of her mouth as she concentrated, wondering if the smell that made him hot and dizzy came from the weeping roses or from her skin. Harry hadn't thought of her that way at first, but now that the idea was in his head he couldn’t get rid of it. He stared, mesmerised, as her T-shirt rode up, exposing her stomach as she reached to pick an apple from a tree. Her skin was peach coloured and had soft, light-coloured down on it around the gentle curve of her navel. He wondered if the bright pink hair on her head matched the hair on her…

“Harry!” whispered Hermione. “You’re not being very subtle.”

“What? Oh!” said Harry, shaking his head. He noticed that Tonks was grinning at him. He was mortified to feel himself blushing.

“Were you just checking me out, Harry Potter? You were, weren’t you? I know that look. You were just wondering if my hat matches my slippers. You naughty boy. That’s one of a Metamorphmagus’s best-kept secrets. Only the very, very lucky ever get to solve that mystery.”

She winked and took a bite of the apple. Harry thought he might die.

After that there were a couple days when he could barely look at her. They'd pass each other in the corridor at Grimmauld Place and Harry would flatten himself against the wall to let her by, staring steadfastly at the ground or his feet or an elf's head --anywhere other than at her increasingly amused face.

On the third day Tonks trailed a single finger across his stomach as she passed him on the way to the kitchen. Harry had to skip that meal in favour of a rather urgent, furtive and ultimately messy half hour in his bedroom with the door locked. On the fourth day he was bending over to clean out a cupboard in the drawing room when she smacked him firmly on his arse, making him squeal and then hide his burning face within the cupboard until the dusty air forced him to emerge.

On the fifth day, instead of squeezing past him in the hallway, she stopped and faced him. It was the middle of the night. Harry had been wandering through the house alone, enjoying the quiet, darkness and solitude. The stress of the past few months had left a constant burning roil of nerves in his stomach, and he found it impossible to fall asleep until he'd completely exhausted himself. Apparently, Tonks was having similar problems, because here she was, despite the late hour – the person he was both least and most eager to encounter.

Harry stood motionless, his back pressed firmly against the wall, feeling the heat of Tonks' body radiating through the worn, oversized T-shirt she apparently wore to bed. She smelt like musk and roses, and Harry couldn't help but wonder if she was wearing anything at all beneath the thin cotton. He was only wearing a T-shirt and pyjama bottoms himself and felt uncomfortably exposed. His head was turned to the side and he saw nothing, just waited for her to pass so he could breathe again. But she didn't pass. His head began to spin and, finally, after what seemed like minutes, Harry turned to look at Tonks.

Her head was cocked to the side, her full lips smirking, eyes sparkling with something that made Harry swallow and widen his own eyes. "Can't sleep, Harry? Too much on your mind?" Her voice was warm, amused and slightly husky.

Harry shook his head, smiling sheepishly, and forced himself to meet her gaze. "No. Wide awake, I'm afraid. You stayed over again? Well, obviously you did. Here you are."

"Here I am," repeated Tonks, leaning in and whispering so deep and so sweet, that her voice seemed to reverberate through the night's silence, spreading through Harry's body and heading straight to his groin. He pressed his head back against the wall as hard as he could, licking his lips, staring into her brown eyes as they bore into his own. He didn't dare hope. He couldn't. But what was she doing standing so close that Harry could feel her breath tickling his neck?

So close. So close he could feel her nipples now, small nubs hard enough that he could feel them tickling his own chest through both of their T-shirts. Then one of her hands grabbed his hip and the other slid into his hair. She was kissing him, and Harry almost felt too dizzy to kiss her back. All the blood in his body seem to have gone elsewhere and was doing other things, namely making his cock swell to a size that surely she must have noticed. Harry whimpered into Tonks' mouth, helpless with shame, but when she ground her hips against him, the penny finally dropped. Tonks was doing this to him. She wanted this as much as Harry did. He couldn't believe his luck.

Turning his whimper into a growl, Harry leaned into the kiss, returning it with intensity, and wrapped his arms around her back to pull her even closer. He felt Tonks' body shake, heard her laughter inside his head, and returned her smile even as he kissed her. She tasted sweet and clean and didn't mind his tongue, seemed to like it, in fact. Her hands slid downwards until they were behind him squeezing his buttocks, and she pressed her hips forwards once more sending such a wave of pleasure through Harry's cock that, to Harry's horror he realised…

"Ooaah… No! God." He squeezed his eyes closed tightly, embarrassment prickling through his skin and dulling the lovely tingle left after his orgasm. "I'm sorry," he gasped, hating the childish sound of his voice.

"Ah, no. No, babe. Don't apologise. It's okay." She took his face in her hands and forced him to look at her. Harry wondered if she could feel how hot his cheeks were. "It's not a problem. It's a good thing. It'll make it better for both of us next time."

That perked him right up.

Tonks plucked Harry's wand from the pocket in his pyjama bottoms and cleaned him up. Then she replaced his wand and leant forward to kiss him again. She was gentler this time, her mouth soft, her tongue teasing his lips. Harry held her waist in his hands and let her explore him with her own. Her fingers stroked his back, digging in when they reached the small of it, then slid lower cupping his arse again. The material of his pyjamas was so thin that it was almost as if she were touching his bare skin. He felt relaxed though his heart beat quickly with a fierce, avid joy. Once her hand was on his cock, it was only a matter of moments before he was hard again.

Harry looked around wildly, trying to find something that would capture his attention and take his mind off the exquisite pleasure pulsing through his groin so he wouldn't come within three seconds of Tonks touching him and embarrass himself again. It was too dark to see much, but he did suddenly realise that they were directly outside Hermione and Ginny's bedroom. Harry did not particularly want to be caught messing about with Tonks by either Hermione or Ginny. He bit his lip, hearing himself whine as Tonks' hand continued it's slow torturous movement up and down his shaft. Her fingers were like magic, as if they were responding to his thoughts and feelings, tightening and then softening again in the perfect rhythm. He once again lost himself in sensation and thought he'd lost all control, too, until a distinct thump and rustling sound came from behind the door of the girls' room.

His body stiffening in panic, Harry tried to push Tonks away. She responded by pulling herself closer and whispering in his ear. "Shall we go to my room? Or do you want me to stop?" Her hand still held his cock, but had stopped moving.

Harry took a couple deep breaths before he trusted himself enough to speak. "Your room."

They didn't exactly run, but they did walk very quickly, stopping once or twice for snogs and groping. Tonks finally pulled Harry into her room and closed the door behind them. She leaned back against the door and looked at him, raking her eyes up and down his body, making Harry shiver with self-consciousness and anticipation. Her gaze was so bold, so greedy. He felt flushed and exposed before it.

"You've done this before, right?" Tonks advanced towards Harry, gripped the bottom of his T-shirt and began pulling it over his head, which was a relief because it meant she couldn't see the expression that was Harry's response to her question. Once the T-shirt was off, Tonks glanced at his chest and made a happy sound before spotting him with kisses along his collarbone and up his neck. Harry hoped she'd be distracted enough not to repeat the question, but his silence seemed to pull her out of her thrall. She stopped, abruptly and gave him a direct look. "Right?"

Harry looked back at her and shook his head. He watched her eyes; saw her mind working and his stomach clenched.

"You're only fifteen," Tonks said quietly as if she had suddenly remembered, taking a step away. "Oh, Harry. I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking."

No! thought Harry, and stepped back towards her, taking one of her shoulders in his hand. "It's okay. I don't mind. I want to, really." He could hear the panic in his own voice. His balls felt swollen and achy, and the idea of creeping off on his own to wank over Tonks yet again when things had gone this far was too depressing to contemplate.

"Harry," responded Tonks gently, gazing at him with regret and sympathy that made him want to scream with frustration, "you're too young."

"I'm not!" Harry snapped back at her, all the tension and emotion coursing through his body refocusing on anger. He gripped Tonks' shoulder harder and tried to pull her towards him. He couldn't help but notice that Tonks' breathing sped up a little as he did so; still, she began trying to pry off his fingers.

"You're too young for meto do this with you," she insisted. "It's completely my fault. I don't blame you for being put out."

Harry grabbed her other shoulder and yanked her towards him until she was pressed against his bare chest. This time she didn't pull away. "Tonks…" Harry said, his voice thick and heavy. "I can absolutely, one-hundred percent promise you that it will be much more traumatic for me if you stop now than if you keep going. I can handle it. I swear."

Tonks looked anguished. Harry could feel her breasts pressing against him as she inhaled. He thought that if she made him leave he might actually die of randiness. Finally, he felt her body relax.

"Okay," she said. "Okay, but…"

Harry didn't want to hear any buts. He thrust his face forward and kissed her, knocking them both off balance so they were forced to do an awkward little dance together to keep from falling to the floor. Then she was kissing him back and he was desperate, so desperate. Her lips and mouth were hot and forceful, her tongue soft but strong. Harry shoved his hands underneath her T-shirt and slid them up her body. The hard nubs of her nipples amid the softness of her small, pert breasts made him groan and thrust his aching cock against her stomach.

"Okay," Tonks said once again, laughing softly, "hold on, babe." She pulled away and Harry followed her, refusing to let more than an inch of space remain between them as she backed up to her bed. Tonks let Harry push her down and climb on top of her. He immediately had his hand between her legs, trying to find a way in, his other hand on his cock, thinking, this is it this is it this is IT."

But it wasn't it. Tonks snorted and then her hand was wrapped gently but firmly around Harry's balls. He froze. "Hold on there, babe." The tone of her voice alone would have been enough to stop Harry in his tracks, no matter how eager he was. "If we're going to do this, we're going to do it properly. You aren't the only one in the room."

"No, I've noticed that," he responded, wishing his brain was working well enough to have come up with something slightly wittier. "What do you want me to do?"

"Lower," said Tonks, and Harry felt her hands on his head. It took him a few seconds, but then he got what she was saying. He smiled. This would be something else he'd never done before.

As Harry repositioned himself, Tonks pulled her T-shirt off and rested herself back on her elbows. Harry took a second to look at her. Her skin was creamy and peach coloured, her nipples rosy. Suddenly shy, he glanced at her face and then looked downwards. Her pubic hair was a spiral of rainbow colours – red, blue, green… "Is it always like that?" he asked, eyes wide with wonder.

"Oh course not, silly," said Tonks swatting the top of his head. "Visits to the medi-wizards would be excruciating. That's something special I did just for you."

Harry grinned. "It gorgeous." Tentatively, he brought his hand up and touched the colourful, springy patch of hair.

"Harry," said Tonks. "Please don't be gentle with me. We've been wriggling about together for some time now and I really need a bit more. Quite soon, in fact."

Without needing further encouragement, Harry leaned forwards and Tonks spread her thighs, opening herself up to him. The pink folds of her cunt held Harry mesmerised until he felt her hands pressing his head downwards. He opened his mouth and licked her up the middle, though her center, making her shout out loud. Encouraged, he licked harder, letting her hands guide him up to the spot where she wanted him. The smell and taste of her made him feel drunk – salt and spice, so very female. He licked her eagerly, over and over again, delighting in the wetness on his face and the happy noises she was making.

It took longer than he thought it would, but finally, just as he was beginning to wonder if his jaw would lock, her fingers tightened painfully in his hair and she lifted her pelvis, shouting unintelligibly, "HarryohMerlinyesthatsogoodsosogoodsogood…"

Harry continued licking until Tonks released her hold on him. His heart was pounding with exertion and excitement as he peeked up at her.

Flushed, sweating, Tonks looked back at Harry and said, "Now, babe. I want you to fuck me now. Quick."

Harry climbed on top of her as quick as he could, apologising when he leaned too heavily on her shoulder at one point, making her squeal. He felt Tonks wrap her legs around the small of his back and take his cock in her hand, guiding him inside of her. As he slid into her he wondered how he even remembered how to breathe. She felt amazing. Her cunt gripped him, hot, tight and slick, and Harry wanted to stay like that forever, it felt so good.

"Slowly now," said Tonks. Harry opened his eyes and looked down at her. Her face was flushed and damp, her eyes were dark and half open, her hair a violent shade of pink darkening to deep red at the tips. As Harry pulled back and then thrust forward again, the red shot downwards to Tonks' roots and she bent her neck back and moaned. Harry hadn't known anything could be so erotic. His breath came deep and ragged; he was trembling.

"Come on, babe," continued Tonks in a whisper from the back of her throat. "You're doing great."

"Yeah?" asked Harry hoarsely, rocking his hips back and forth again, pushing deeper inside Tonks.

"Mmmm! Oh, yes, fantastic."

He felt her cunt tightening around him even more, and he groaned as his head went woozy with the pleasure of it. "That's good?"

Arching her neck back and closing her eyes, Tonks responded with "Mrrrrrghhessss."

Harry fucked Tonks slowly, savouring the sensations, feeling his skin prickle with perspiration as he concentrated as hard as he could. She felt amazing. She looked amazing, smelt amazing, he wanted to fuck Tonks for hours for days, to just melt into her and stay there. A few more thrusts and he sped up, falling into a more forceful rhythm, which Tonks seemed to like as she began to lift her hips up to meet him with each push. She was crying out, loud enough to make Harry realise that they hadn't cast a single muffling spell, but he didn't care because Oh My Fucking God it was so fantastic. His whole body was humming with pleasure. Tonks' face had turned red, her hair dark purple; Harry felt her legs tightening behind him, pulling his arse closer, his cock deeper. He couldn’t help but laugh out loud and Tonks grinned back at him. She cried out, happily, “God, that’s so good, Harry.”

It was, and the way his body started to go numb, all sensation concentrating in his cock and balls, made Harry's laughter turn to a groan. He gave up trying to maintain a rhythm and just fucked Tonks wildly, speeding to the end, which came with a pulsing rush of fierce, tingling pleasure. For the few seconds in which he continued thrusting it was if his head was filled with explosions of multi-coloured light, then he collapsed on top of Tonks, he face buried in the crook of her neck, back heaving.

Afterwards, she brushed some damp locks of hair out of his eyes. Her face was flushed, and her eyes sparkled. Her hair glowed the hottest of pinks.

Harry gave her a long, deep kiss and then pulled away slightly. “Wow.”

“Yeah, fun, huh?” she replied. “You are just full of surprises, Harry Potter.”

Harry rolled off and lay by her side. She rested her head on his chest, stroking his stomach with her fingertips. After a while, Harry sensed that her mood had changed.

"Promise you're not going to go all dopey on me, okay?" she said.

"I promise," said Harry, sleepily nuzzling her head and gently tightening his hold on her right breast.

"And… look, I'm really sorry, Harry, but you mustn't tell anyone. Not even Ron. You really mustn't." She rolled away onto her back and looked up at the ceiling. "I'd get in horrible trouble."

Harry looked at her, knowing she was speaking the truth even in his post-coital brain-melted state. "I won't," he promised, meaning it. Tonks' brow was creased and she was biting her lip. Harry scooted closer to her and said, "And you promise me you'll never regret this. Because it was brilliant and I'll never, ever wish that it didn't happen. No matter what."

Tonks turned her head and met his eyes, smiling again, but sadly this time. She looked at him for several long moments and then reached over and stroked the side of his face. "Only fifteen. Shame you aren't just a little bit older. Ten years. Five years, even."

"It really matters that much?"

She gave him a final, feather soft kiss on his lips. "It matters enough."

"We've got the rest of the week. There are days left before I have to go back to Hogwarts."

"Don't make me Obliviate you, Potter. I quite like the idea of you thinking back to our night of passion when you're old and grey, but tonight was a one off. Can you cope with that?"

Harry blinked, gazing into her clear, brown eyes, wanting so badly to tell the truth and confess that no, it wasn't enough; it could never be enough. Instead, he said, "I can cope. I'm hard. Fought off a Basilisk and Dementors single-handedly."

Tonks' smile brightened a bit, and she ruffled his hair. "Brilliant, then. You should trot off to your own bed now. We both need some sleep. I heard Molly found a new nest of Doxies in the back of the pantry."

Harry sat up, stretched and then stood. Tonks curled onto her side and looked back up at him. She was so beautiful, so perfect. Harry bent down to pull her blanket up over her naked body. Tonks grinned.

After pulling on his night clothes, Harry paused in the doorway to turn and say, "'Night." He then crept through the dark, quiet house to his own bed, crawled beneath the sheets and finally fell fast asleep.

-- The End

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Date:March 4th, 2008 05:00 am (UTC)
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Date:March 4th, 2008 07:32 am (UTC)
Thank you so much!
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Date:April 14th, 2008 10:29 am (UTC)
omg. this is sheer genius. i cannot convey the whole awesomeness of this. just. GAH! and so so HOT! ;)
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Date:April 14th, 2008 02:50 pm (UTC)
Hee. Thanks very much! :)
Fic: Musk and Roses, Harry/Tonks, NC-17 - HMS Honks

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